Yorkshire Classic 2022 Details

Unfortunately due to the level of bookings for the 2022 Yorkshire Classic, Park Holidays have decided that it is not financially viable for them to continue with this event and have today informed us of this decision.

Sorry to all those that had planned to support the event but it has been taken out of the Yorkshire committees hands.

If you have made a caravan booking or competition entry via YDO please contact Syl Smart (Caravans) or Sally Walton (entries) to arrange your refund in full YDO would like to thank the staff at Sand-le-Mere for their assistance in the past years. It is hoped to resume the event in the future.

The Yorkshire Classic Results are below!

Yorkshire Classic Results 2021

Mens: Russell Murphy
Ladies: Sally Whiting
Mixed Triples: Sara Mortimer, Carl Wilkinson, Tony Molyneux
Mens Pairs: Tom Lovely, Tommy Lishman
Ladies Pairs: Sally Whiting, Sara Mortimer

Yorkshire Classic Results 2020

Mens: Darren Johnson
Ladies: Giffy Khaosoi
Mixed Triples: Shaun Rutter, Bex Waterfall, Trevor Holtby
Mens Pairs: Leon Bailey, Craig Owens
Ladies Pairs: Giffy Khaosoi, Laura Tye

Yorkshire Classic Results 2019

Mens: Lee Budgen
Ladies: Maggie Sutton
Youth: Brandon Stockings
Mixed Triples:
Mens Pairs: Lewis Pride & Jacob Gwynne
Ladies Pairs: Maggie Sutton & Dee Bateman

Yorkshire Classic Results 2018

Mens: Mark Lawrence
Ladies: Beau Greaves
Youth: Beau Greaves
Mixed Triples: Mark Lawrence, Beau Greaves & Dave Copley
Mens Pairs: Leon Baxter & Craig Owens
Ladies Pairs: Beau Greaves & Sara Mortimer